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Tuition and Fees


General Tuition

1 Student Family $ 10,300 / year
2 Student Family $20,600 / year
3 Student Family $30,900 / year

Tuition may be paid either in one payment by June 30, 2021, or two payments due July 26 and Feb. 21 or through Facts Management Company in ten, eleven or twelve payments payable in full by May. Families may select the 5th or 20th of the month as their tuition due date. Facts Management Company will add a late fee of $60 for any payment not received by the due date.

Scholarship Opportunities

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Annual Student Fee

$750 per student

The non-refundable fee includes iPad, Apple Care, Apps, Digital Curriculum, Network Upgrades, Campus Computers, Programs, textbooks, supplies, student insurance, class plays, performances, special projects, field trips, etc.

1st Communion Fee
$75 per student

Includes supplies & DVD

Graduation Fee (8th Gr. Only)

$300 per student

Includes Cap & Gown, Graduation Picture, Yearbook, Certificates, Awards, Disneyland Trip, etc.

Athletic Fee

$60 per child per sport

An athletic fee, covering the use of uniforms, referee fees, equipment, trophies, and tournament costs is due for each sport in which a student participates. The fee is payable with the sports agreement at the start of each sport season.